Estate Planning: How to Get Going and Why Not to Do It Yourself

We are all living in a world full of million distractions and stuff that keep us pretty aloof from the important things in life. Earning and spending in life is equally important to estate planning, but most people are busy working hard to earn more & more without any financial security plan.


If you are working hard your whole lifetime just to keep your loved ones happy and to provide quality family life, why don’t you plan something for their future?

Estate Planning – It is the best way to keep your assets secure in the hands of your loved ones after your death. If you think that estate planning is only for rich people, then you and your family will definitely regret it in future.

On the contrary, it will give you an opportunity to let everyone know as to how your assets should be handled after you pass away regardless of its monetary worth.

Why do you need an Estate Planning Attorney?

If you have the specialty to understand the complexity of estate planning and the effects of their actions, you can do it yourself. But you should keep one thing in mind that even a person with fairly sophisticated skills thinks twice before doing something beyond his expertise.

Some common mistakes individuals make if they are not seeking the help of an Alexandria Estate Planning lawyer are:

  • Not updating their will.
  • No plans for disability.
  • No plans to reduce their estate tax.
  • Putting their child’s name on deed.
  • Choosing the wrong person to handle their estate.
  • Decisions regarding their life insurance policies.

So, it is not possible to plan without a lawyer as “state laws rules estate plans”. These are very specific about what is and what can’t be there in a will, trust and power of attorney.

What does an estate planning attorney do?

Prior to hiring an attorney for your estate planning, make sure that he is well versed and updated with the laws of your state as well as experienced. An experienced estate attorney in Alexandria can effectively plan as per your expectations and needs.


Your attorney will help you in:

  • Drafting revocable living trust under proper guidelines.
  • Developing a plan to mitigate or avoid estate taxes.
  • Ensuring that your assets are safe after your demise.
  • Preparing powers of attorney & health care directives
  • Avoiding guardianship issues if you require someone else to look after your finance.

So, it is worth enough to spend on a qualified attorney. Call an Estate Planning Attorney today, as it will make you sure that things will go according to your intentions when you die and your family will definitely be glad you did.