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What Are The Benefits of a Revocable Living Trust in Alexandria?

Today, many people rely on a revocable living trust rather than joint ownership or wills when it comes to estate planning. A living trust, when properly funded and prepared, can offer many benefits for you and your heirs.

Let’s look at each benefit a revocable living trust offers and how it can benefit your heirs:

* Revocable living trust avoids the expense and time of probate upon your death.

* If you have assets in multiple states, a revocable living trust avoids your assets going through probate in different states.

* The administration of your estate can be handled more efficiently and easier with a living trust.

* A revocable living trust prevents the court system from interfering.

* A revocable living trust allows your family and heir the maximum amount of privacy by avoiding the public court system in Alexandria.

* You can minimize the amount of emotional stress your family will experience with a living trust.

* Only one set of instructions and one plan is needed for all of your assets.

*  Revocable living trusts prevents any unintentional disinheriting.

* Living trusts ensures that the distributions to each of your heirs are equitable and fair.

* Your assets can be kept in trust until your beneficiaries reach an age you determine.

* Living trusts allow any beneficiary with special needs to be provided for on a continual basis.

* Your assets can be protected from irresponsible spending, divorce proceedings, creditors and future death taxes by remaining in trust.

* The inheritance of any minors will not be controlled by the court system.

* Revocable living trusts are harder to contest than wills are.

* Revocable living trusts can provide you with prenuptial protection.

* These trusts can be canceled or changed at any time.

* Revocable trusts can be managed by a professional asset management firm and a professional trustee.

* Revocable living trusts can include tax planning to eliminate or reduce state estate taxes or federal estate taxes.

* Revocable living trust allow you to maintain maximum control while you are living, incapacitated and even after you die.

* Revocable living trusts provide you with peace of mind.

Initially, setting up a living trust in Alexandria can be more expensive than having a will prepared. This is because living trusts often have more provisions than will have. Revocable living trust deals with issues while you are alive as well as after you die. A will only come into effect once you die. When you are comparing costs, make sure to include the cost of the probate court to help you determine the final costs.

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